Monday, August 22, 2016

Ecorche Armature Design

Available here is my design for the Ecorche Armature
I've assembled detailed plans and explanation for building your own Ecorche Human Anatomy Armature.
I currently teach Artistic Anatomy- Drawing the Human figure at the Woodstock School of Art in Woodstock, New York for the last six years. I have also taught a class in Sculptural Ecorche.
My first Ecorche was with Eliot Goldfinger at the New York Academy of Art in New York.
I've had quite a bit of experience in building these Ecorche armatures as I've fabricated about ten of these and have perfected my design on each succesive one that I build.
For those interested in purchasing one I have a few available through this website as  well as detailed plans for how to fabricate your own Ecorche armature.
They can be obtained here:

Full sized Armature with base:  $200.00 plus shipping.

Complete plans and instructions on how to build an anatomical armature
download pdf. file
$ 40.00

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ecorche and Artistic Anatomy at the Woodstock School of Art

Ecorche and Artistic Anatomy at the Woodstock School of Art

Ecorche Armature

Here's the basic armature I created for my Ecorche class at the Woodstock School of Art .
Based on a single pole concept rather than a side mount, I felt that the side mounted galvanized pipe occluded too much area so I opted to hang the armature off a single thin threaded steel rod which was made rigid through wing nut compression. The base had a countersunk void to accommodate a locking nut. I spent alot of time poking through the plumbing fixture bins at the hardware store. This is actually the second prototype of my ecorche, which  was later improved upon. Hands and feet were added later, fab'd from smaller gauge wire and the pelvis and rib cage was refined to avoid any metal poking through the clay skin. This was especially evident around the lumbar and sacral area as I had to attach the leg wire assembly to this  junction and have it still appear delicate. More pixs to come.