Sunday, March 31, 2013

Half Skeleton Muscle Demo Prop

I've been using this armature I made from an articulated plastic skeleton to demonstrate muscle origin and insertion. It's a old somso cast I believe, so the detailing is better than a Bucky. After extensive use, it started to fall apart so I tweaked the armature using 3/8" galvanized pipe and a 1/2" conversion coupling to 1/2" nipple and now it's ready to go.
This time I'm going to use the kleen klay unsulpherated terra cotta color.... it's more life like.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Comparative Anatomy- The forelimb

Here I have superimposed the actual bone on a demo drawing to illustrate how the radius has evolved/devolved based on survival imperative.I've laid out the human dog, and horse brachia to illustrate this.Most obvious is the lack of clavicles in the dog and horse and the gradual restricted movement of the radius in the dog to total fusion of the ulna with the radius in the horse into permanent pronation.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Hyoid and deep neck muscles

Before we drape the outer muscles of the neck onto the cervical column , there are a few muscles that the artistic anatomist might like to consider including.on their Ecorche.
These are the muscles that either insert and originate on the Hyoid bone.
The Omohyoid muscle, interestingly enough, can be readily seen on a model with low body fat - a strap like muscle that originates on the Coracoid processof the Scapula and like a fountain travels up the nexk to the Hyoid.